Separating Neoregelia

This is a collection of small Neoregelia hybrids that have taken up home in an abandoned birdbath. They can be left to multiply or can be thinned to create another pot or grouping.

image of bromeliad genre
image of bromeliad genre

The Neoregelia have been removed from the birdbath and have been inverted. You can see the black rootball and the many woody stolons. The new plants have been growing on top of the old plants and stems. Now you can start dividing. Cut any woody stem.

image of bromeliad genre

Here are four plants which were cut off of the original mass. You could have cut off more depending on how many you want in your new pot or hanging basket.

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Bromeliads are very simple to grow. If your questions are not answered here please click on the link to send us your question and we'll be glad to answer it for you.

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